Monday, February 19, 2007

The informal letter


Hi everybody!

I am writing this letter to our blog class because I want to know better about all members. As I understood, varied people are participating in blog class. Every one of them has different preparation in English. The members are appearing as contributors can to show for general review and reading their articles. However, I not understand how choice topics for these articles? I was glad to read the essays about food dictionary and Happy New Year in Vietnam and I understood that everyone must to write about something that he or she knows lot better than another.

In the not far future, I am going to go to Germany. There I will to pass the training course for new equipment. Several my friends and I will be there just about three weeks. This is my first trip to German. I heard that there very beautiful and fine but I heard too that the relation to people who don't know German is very cool. Is the true or false? This factor is important for me because I can to speak only in English or Russian. I think the similar problems have people who first time arrive to country with unknown language. In the meantime, I must to prepare and to make several things for such long absence in my family.

My participating in blog class is produce many question for me. Must I to comment to all essays that were published or only which one is interesting for me? Will be interestingly to know my opinion about their essays as like a man with other professional skills? Will be interestingly to read my own essays about the things and hobbies with which I am interesting? These questions and others are interesting for me at present stage. Will be interestingly to know what you think about this? I am waiting for your opinion.