Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My business trip to Germany

As I mentioned earlier, I have been in Germany for three weeks. It was a business trip; by the way it was my first time in Germany. I'm working in Israel Post Company as technician and our company bought several new machines for sorting mail. The flight from Israel to Zurich was 3.5 hours. Now, I want to explain that the company which invited us for training course located in town Constance. The town is located near  Switzerland border, because of it we have landed in Zurich. My arrival to Switzerland airport began with disappearance of my luggage. I went to agent of the flight company and a very pleasant agent explained me that soon my suitcase will be found. After filling out all necessary forms and documents i was depressed, but I hoped for best.  So, we are going to Switzerland German border through Switzerland by a car which sent  us by the company Siemens. I saw through  a window of the car a beautiful autumn vistas .Our hotel was located near  a lake  of Constance. I've used the opportunity to walk around the lake when I had free evenings. It was quite cold for us, about 3-4 degrees of Celsius, and we used to  higher temperature. I've visited the island Mainau which was very  known for people who love  flowers and plants. It was huge botanical garden. There were large squares for different plants and flowers. It was very beautiful. The huge figures of flowers are interchanged with mini gardens. I've walked there for about 3 hours and didn't finish to look over everything. I snapped many images by my camera, and after my business trip I want to make slideshow on CD. In general, there were a lot interest sites but sadly I didn't have time for this. I've liked a transportatio in German, if on the time table was written for example 16 o'clock, it meant that a bus or train shall arrive exactly at 16 o'clock without to be late -It's very difficult to imagine it in Israel. I was talking with Germans on the streets many times and I've got an impression that the English is well known only to youngsters. So, I want to say that it was a different culture of behavior than we have in our country. You cant see any noisy people who talk loud the street. The drivers of the cars are strictly observe the rules of traffic and not beeping without reason. One day, I’ve walked near by our hotel and into my pocket I found piece of paper which was not usable for me. You don’t believe me, but I was traveled something about 2 kilometers to throw  it. It is a shame to throw out something outside trash urn. Everywhere I was feeling discipline and order. Our training course is continuing and we are day by day discovered something new about our equipment. In general, I want to say that 25-30 years ago such equipment with suchlike possibilities would no be is possible. Those machines  allows to sort mail without a human participation. The company Siemens is very big company that produces many tipes of equipment and electronic components. We were studied on a little part of this company which practiced us for mail machines production. By the way, I used opportunity and was writing only English. The all technical documentation was in English language. Our course is passed normally,  a lot of studying subjects we knew. Exception of it was new technology recognize an image of letter and network between computers. In other words, we didn't begin from "scratch" level, because we had big experience of work with similar machines. Three weeks were passed quickly and we have come back at home. In the end of our training course, our German friends gifted  for each one of us a book about Germany. The book was contained with lot views about Germany. After our return, we have to teach and prepare other technicians for new equipment. It was an interest trip and I think that will do whereof to remember.

Monday, February 19, 2007

The informal letter


Hi everybody!

I am writing this letter to our blog class because I want to know better about all members. As I understood, varied people are participating in blog class. Every one of them has different preparation in English. The members are appearing as contributors can to show for general review and reading their articles. However, I not understand how choice topics for these articles? I was glad to read the essays about food dictionary and Happy New Year in Vietnam and I understood that everyone must to write about something that he or she knows lot better than another.

In the not far future, I am going to go to Germany. There I will to pass the training course for new equipment. Several my friends and I will be there just about three weeks. This is my first trip to German. I heard that there very beautiful and fine but I heard too that the relation to people who don't know German is very cool. Is the true or false? This factor is important for me because I can to speak only in English or Russian. I think the similar problems have people who first time arrive to country with unknown language. In the meantime, I must to prepare and to make several things for such long absence in my family.

My participating in blog class is produce many question for me. Must I to comment to all essays that were published or only which one is interesting for me? Will be interestingly to know my opinion about their essays as like a man with other professional skills? Will be interestingly to read my own essays about the things and hobbies with which I am interesting? These questions and others are interesting for me at present stage. Will be interestingly to know what you think about this? I am waiting for your opinion.